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Does it matter if my business isn't located in Nashville?
Not one bit! While we love the personal touch, we would be a pretty crummy digital agency if we weren’t able to conduct digital business digitally. We live in the most connected time in human history. It doesn’t matter if you’re around the globe or around the corner, if you have work, we will (cyber)travel. If you’re not based in Nashville, you probably have a trip planned here soon anyway.
I have a team that already does some of these things. Can we hire you to do only the things they don't do?
We don’t typically offer our services à la carte. This is for a very important reason: our philosophy is rooted in the synergy created when these three pillars are executed in concert: a strong brand identity, a reputable website, and tools that help you reach consumers. If you have a great SEO strategy but your website stinks, your potential consumers won’t trust that you are reputable. If your brand is beautiful, but your audience can’t find you, what’s the point? If you hire us for just one of these three elements, we can’t ensure that you’re positioned fully for success because we don’t have influence over all of the variables. That being said, there are certain cases where ordering off the side menu makes sense. Even if you’re unsure, contact us for a free consultation and we can get a better idea of the scope of your project.
I have a marketing department, but our methodologies are antiquated. Can you take a look at what we're doing and offer ways to take it to us next level?

Absolutely. Consulting is one of our favorite past-times. Mainly because we get to bask in our passion (strategy) and make other people do the work. Consulting sessions range from periodic phone calls to full team training sessions. Contact us and let’s talk about what is the right fit.

I'm sold! Drinking the Brinnovate Kool-aid as we speak. Now, how much is this going to cost me?
We’re not your “My cousin has friend who does websites” or “I watched a webinar once and know all about SEO” kind of agency. We have been practically applying our skill sets for a lonnnng time. Since back when MySpace was cool, to be exact. (Gen Z, ask your parents what that reference means.) That doesn’t date us, it makes us seasoned. We’ve been through the trenches and know what pitfalls to avoid, what nailheads to hit, and how to successfully execute based on best practices and trial and error. Every project is different, so we don’t standardize our pricing, but we do promise to be fair.
Most shops only offer one or two of your type of services. You say you you're "great" at more than eight things. No one is "great" at that many things!
First of all, that wasn’t technically a question, but you’re right, no one agency can be “great” at that many things. What we are great at is harnessing the synergy of those eight things to create something powerful. Our subject matter experts collaborate with our brand strategists to form one supergroup. The final product is the expert parts each contributing to the greater whole.
I am a woman or minority-owned business. Am I safe here?
Yes. And it sucks that you even have to ask. We are an “equal opportunity everything” kind of shop. If you’re a nice person, we want to work together. We are even a certified LGBT-owned business.
Why do they call the mobile navigation icon a "hamburger menu?"
No idea. But it does kind of look like one, though.

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