We create brands and digital strategies that are rooted in strategy and positioned for growth. Not only can we translate your vision into a beautiful brand that resonates with your target audiences, but we also focus on driving continuous value every step of the way.

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Below are select examples of recent and ongoing digital marketing programs we’ve implemented that showcase our ability to transform brands visually and drive traffic online by using comprehensive digital strategies. Each of the case studies below also includes our benefit cost factor to the client, a number calculated by dividing revenue generated from these efforts by cost to capture realized returns.

Cosmetic Dermatologist

A prominent Nashville dermatologist was looking to increase her online visibility, and ultimately, source new patients. What started out as an SEO-only effort quickly transformed into a full brand refresh, website redesign, and digital marketing strategy. Limitations with the way her previous website was built kept her practice hidden from search results for her core keywords. Further, the potential clients that were finding her website were met with a subpar experience–including poor visual elements and flat content.

The elevated Retief Skin Center brand includes reaffirming and aspirational messaging that reflects the inherent beauty that lies within. And while the cosmetic dermatologist’s services do help improve ones’ surface-level appearance, beauty is more than skin deep. The imagery is warm, relatable, and reflects women of all body types and skin tones.

Each of the responsive website’s 40+ pages were optimized for search engine visibility, and regular blog posts are helping to expand the keywords for which her practice can be found.

Since launching the new brand and website, overall website traffic has increased exponentially, and she is acquiring new patients from online mediums. Prominent calls to action placed throughout the site guide visitors to schedule more appointments, and with the introduction of instant online booking, she is expanding her roster of new patients.

Client: Retief Skin Center

Services: Brand Redesign, Website Design, Digital Marketing

Website: retiefskincenter.com

Benefit Cost Factor: 20x in 6 months



We knew we needed to establish a brand identity, rebuild our website, and increase our online visibility through SEO, but we didn’t know HOW to do it. Jenn and her team listened to our ideas, collaborated closely with our stakeholders, and ultimately created a website that is beautiful, informative, and captured our image. Brinnovate’s expertise in website design and their ability to identify areas for SEO growth was just what our practice needed to increase our patient base. I highly recommend Brinnovate without reservation!
Terri Howard

Practice Manager, Retief Skin Center

Custom Skincare line

We were initially contacted to redesign the website for a 10-year-old custom skincare line: BuffRX. Through the process of identifying a fresh new direction to steer the company’s online marketing efforts, it was clear that one crucial ingredient was missing: a brand story.

The previous website and marketing collateral made no mention of the differentiating fact that while most skincare products have a shelf life of 3-4 months, these products are made from scratch with every order–ensuring maximum efficacy and potency. And unlike other products riddled with chemical ingredients, BuffRX products use superficial ingredients sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. The main ingredients include natural botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The resulting brand design strikes a balance between soft, natural imagery with an upscale, custom skincare experience.

Peppered with testimonials from real BuffRX users and a new online store designed for a simple check-out process, this product line now looks as fresh as it feels.

Client: BuffRX

Services: Brand Redesign, Website Design, Digital Marketing

Website: buffrx.com

Benefit Cost Factor: 2x in 10 months



Elite Dog Training

A dog training facility in Florida had all but given up on its dream of growing a successful business by breeding, training, and finding loving homes for sought-after and expensive therapy, emotional support, and service dogs. When the challenge of finding nationwide customers through traditional mediums (newspaper ads, events, etc) failed, they enlisted our expertise to leverage the power of digital marketing to broaden the company’s prospective customer base.

We began the program by conducting quantitative and qualitative research and learned from the data that Au Courant’s current and prospective customers had difficulties saying, spelling and remembering the name because of its unfamiliarity. We then conducted extensive keyword research and it was revealed that 2,400 people per month are searching for websites that offer “trained dogs for sale.”

The summary of these findings resulted in a recommended name change to “Trained Cultured Canines.” We used a variation of the highly searched keyword phrase in the company’s new name, which allowed us to leverage the most highly trafficked keywords throughout the website and in the places that are critical to successful SEO efforts. The new name is not only easier to say and remember, but it also appeals to the brand’s “cultured” target audience.

The cost to purchase these companion dogs comes at a very high price. Defining the clients’ core audience as those with significant disposable incomes required a brand refresh that is elegant, trustworthy and warm. The refreshed brand resonates with the company’s target audience in a much more compelling way, and the new website, which is nearing completion, reflects images of dogs that melt hearts and invite visitors to share love in the most unconditional way.

Client: Trained Cultured Canines

Services: Brand Redesign, Website Design, Digital Marketing



Enterprise Healthcare

Ranked the 9th most profitable private company in Nashville in 2017, Premise Health, an onsite health provider for Fortune 500 clients, had spent the better part of its 40-year history making cold calls and attending trade shows to source new business. While they had invested in creating a strong brand identity and building a well-designed website, they were skeptical about the potential impact that digital marketing strategies could have on generating new leads and driving incremental revenue.

Starting in May of 2016, we set out to prove that not only it could be done, but when executed the right way, digital marketing strategies would become a significant contributor to the company’s bottom line.

Over the next two years, we developed Premise Health’s digital marketing program, which has exceeded all lead goals and put over $40M (and counting!) in revenue in the sales pipeline. Through a thoughtful approach to SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and a strong social media presence, the company’s brand awareness has dramatically increased and digital marketing has quickly become the most cost effective and efficient way that the company acquires new business.

Client: Premise Health

Services: Digital Marketing Strategy

Website: premisehealth.com

Benefit Cost Factor: 142x in 2 years

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